Do you feel like you need a tune up? Has life been "lifing" and you want to get back on track?

Imagine no longer questioning yourself and just doing the darn thing so that you can....

  • Get crystal clear on what you truly want
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Fill YOUR gas tank FIRST
  • Gain UNSHAKEABLE Confidence
  • Kick Your Comfort Zone to the Curb
  • Get back in alignment with who you REALLY are
  • Stop dreaming and start DOING
  • Rewrite your story & create a new blueprint
  • Get your goals and not just SET them

If so, friend,
I know EXACTLY how you feel...


As Black women we have been programmed and conditioned to being STRONG! But even Superman had his cryptonite.....

So if you feel like you have been on the hamster wheel of life and it is time to get off, I got you!!

I get tune ups all the time. It is so important that we touch bases with ourselves and ask the tough questions...

The three most important questions that you must ask yourself are "What do I want? Why do I want it?  Who do I have to become to get it?" 

The last time I answered those questions, I could no longer deny that I was operating below my level of  genius. On that day, I awakened from the fog I'd been living in. I made a vow to up level my mindset so that I could get clarity on exactly what I wanted. Only then could I finally start living a life by design instead of auto pilot.

 I won’t get into the details here... just know that I have created this program based on my breakthroughs and a-ha moments that I discovered on my journey back to me! Thank goodness the tide turned the moment I decided to start my REINVENTION. It totally transformed my life and empowered me to help others in unimaginable ways.


Never forget that you have the power to create the life you desire and deserve and no one can stop you but you!

Even NOW!

At this stage and at this age. You are not too old and it's not too late to become who you were born to be. You are enough and always have been. Your wings have arrived.

All you have to do is spread them and fly, baby fly!

We will cover the subjects below and much MORE! 


How to get back in the driver’s seat of your dream mobile and ride, baby ride!! Remember that dreams don’t have expiration dates and you are not too old and it's not too late!

My 6 Favorite Mature Life Youtube Videos

Get inspired by mature women of substance and style showing that age ain’t nothing but a number!

My personal mission Statement

It is so important that you take the time to identify what your standards are and tap into your purpose. This lesson will help you get clarity on what your personal mission is and how to operate at your highest level of genius!

power of letting go

Learn how to let go with grace and ease. When we hold on to the past, it holds on to us! Create a life full of joy, freedom and peace of mind when you release the negative thought patterns.

self-care quiz

This quiz will allow you to see the gaps in your self-care regimen. Or do you even have one? Not to worry. This quiz will get you together.

self-care check-in & needs review

It makes it so much easier to address your self-care needs once you do an assessment. Use this as your opportunity to make the changes that you need to live a more harmonious life.

Are you sitting (too) Comfortably?

Our comfort zone can also be the danger zone! Let’s do a deep dive into what changes you can make to up level your life and become the person you were born to be.

the power of "No"

No is not a bad word. It is the most freeing word in the universe. Don't be afraid to speak your truth and bask in the glow of NO! Learn how to say No without guilt or apology!

So if you are ready to snatch your power back, reclaim your flame and unleash your inner badass, this is the program for you! 

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